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About us
RiCrea Ferrara Festival

Scientific Committee

University of Ferrara
Fulvio Fortezza e Gianfranco Franz
Department of Economics and Management
University of Ferrara
Gabriele Lelli e Giuseppe Mincolelli
Department of Architecture
Consortium Factory Grisù
Massimo Marchetto
Cna Ferrara
Alessandro Fortini
IdeAzione: Gianfranco Franz

The first edition of the Ricrea Film Festival focuses on a number of sectors of the vast and varied array of cultural and creative industries, as well as on some of the themes and issues that characterize the urban regeneration processes.
The main participants are the young.
• Students of the Ferrara High Schools have enthusiastically accepted to participate in the challenges of RiCrea. Further protagonists include their professors, not so young yet still with a great desire to experiment, demonstrating that the School is creative.
• Businesses of the young and start up enterprises residing in Factory Grisù will participate together with other companies coinvolved with the Festival.
Among the protagonists we have also called upon people from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. Together, Ricrea will discuss creative businesses, reuse and urban regeneration, the various problems of an experienced slow-down that is rapidly spreading and smeared throughout Italy, among numerous difficulties and administrative obstacles.
It is about impossible businesses, such as the re-invention of Favara, a small center of the Agrigentino, nowadays in decay and abandonment, but the second most visited tourist destination after the Valley of the Temples and in reality a true center of art, creativity and cultural relations with the world.
We talk about incredible enterprises, such as the transformation of Medellin from a world famous city of violence, to a model for regeneration and inclusion of its citizens, especially the most disadvantaged.
We are talking about Augmented City, a new paradigm acting in the city, which will be characterized by collaborative spaces, open environments, resilient infrastructures and smart districts to increase the creativity of the people involved.
It is about Ferrara, its pioneering urban regeneration experiences, self-promoted since 2011, which saw the active collaboration of local groups, associations, entrepreneurs and city administration to foster the recovery and reuse of buildings and spaces, but also support for innovative companies and start-ups.
On the days of the Festival, thematic workshops are held on several topics:
• Molecular urban regeneration, characterized by the action and reuse of small-scale buildings, promoted by pioneering actors, cultural associations, as well as by consortia of local businesses;
• Large-scale urban regeneration, involving institutions, large corporations, major creditors, in recovering and regenerating whole urban quadrants, large disused areas, or large demolished building complexes;
• Creative urban regeneration, promoted by innovative businesses and digital startups, allied with associations and occaisionally supported by eminent institutions, that introduce to cities a higher rate of technological, digital and cultural entrepreneurship. The purpose of the first edition of RiCrea is not only to consider and discuss the strengths of many cases of urban regeneration, but also tackle the many weaknesses, regulatory and fiscal legislative bottlenecks, and lack of administrative and financial support for those who engage firsthand in the recovery and regeneration of demolished urban spaces and urban environments.

With its Final Round Table, Ricrea wants to deliver to the institutions, political decision-makers, trade unions, creditors, and protagonists of regeneration a genuine Manifesto of Regeneration.
But Ricrea will also discuss how School and University can and should be creative, helping to train citizens ready to translate and interpret the challenges of the future. We will discuss these topics whilst 200 high school students will be engaged in a marathon 24 hours of nonstop creativity and whilst they perform experimental theater and music recitals.
Ricrea also hosts important Ferrarese entities such as RemTech, one of the most highly specialized fixtures of FerraraFiere. A Ricrea strategic partner for pioneering cultural initiatives that are now more and more consolidated and of great success, such as the Ferrara Off theatre, Cultural Association il Turco, promoter of advanced forms of urban regeneration and promoter of new successful festivals including InternoVerde.
A corner is devoted to ANCESCAO, the National Association of Social Centers, Elders Committees and Gardens, which with its social center of Corso Isonzo qualifies as an important garrison in the Garden District.
Finally, during Ricrea, the first direct radio station 72orenonstop of the Web Radio Giardino, housed right inside the Factory Grisù, has been recently established by a multicultural nucleus of young people residing in the area.

All leading participants from A to Z

Werter Albertazzi - Alberto Alessi - AMF Brass Band - Andrea Bartoli - Serena Bedeschi - Elena Bertelli - Barbara Bertini - Bezzanti e Severi - Matteo Bianchi - Diego Carrara - Maurizio Carta - Laura Caruso - Marco Caselli - Fabrizio Casetti - Carolina Mateo Cecilia - Amleto Picerno Ceraso - Eugenio Ciccone - Sara Conforti - Giulio Costa - Paolo Cottino - Ilenia Crema e Chiara Poretta - Ilaria Fabbri - Anna Rosa Fava - Roberto Formignani - Fulvio Fortezza - Alessandro Fortini - Gianfranco Franz - Roberta Fusari - Angelo Gadaleta - Luciano Gallo - Alessandra Genesini - Andrea Geremicca - HEMP - Gabriella Incerti - Gabriele Lelli - Gianluca Loffredo - Barbara Lunghi - Massimo Maisto - Roberto Manfredini - Marco Mantoanelli - Massimo Marchetto - Paolo Marcolini - Ilaria Margutti - Andrea Martinez - Giovanni Masino - Emiliano Mattioli - Massimiliano Mella - Roberto Meloni - Lorenzo Minganti - Aldo Modonesi - Marco Negri - Walter Nicolino - Adriano Paltrinieri - Eleonora Pantò - Adriano Paolella - Paolo Paoli - Giovanni Perno - Silvia Paparella - Michele Pinelli - Carlos Alberto Pinto Santa - Giulia Poltronieri - Serena Querzoli - Alfonso Raus - Gabriele Soattin - Francesca Tamascelli - Tryeco - Ilaria Valioti - Licia Vignotto - Igor Villani - Veronica Villani - Ilaria Vitellio - Silvia Viviani - Wah Wah Magazine - Andrea Zamariolo