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In the fall of 2017, within the Garden District, the cultural associations Ferrara Off and Píndoles microteatre outside theatre of Barcelona will bring life to the first edition of the BONSAI Microteatro Festival: a series of small format shows, of short duration, in unconventional spaces. The aim of the festival is to provide space for new performative experiences that, thanks to their compact scale, can "implant" new cultural and social processes in an area of urban regeneration.
For the occasion, the creators of BONSAI propose a workshop within the Ricrea Festival, aimed at the promotion and dissemination of performing arts (theater, dance, video theater, sound performance, site-specific).
Workshop participants will have the chance to discover the microtheatre: a theatrical mode born in Argentina (in the years of the crisis) and nowadays widespread in the world, which has the merit of bringing live performances closer to people.
The first goal of the workshop is therefore to convey the value of culture in the regeneration processes of a city. The creators of BONSAI will accompany the children to discover the artistic choices and social aims of the festival, miniaturizing the theme on a local scale (analyzing the activities of Ferrara Off) and on a European scale (examples brought by Píndoles microtheatre outside theatre from Barcelona).
Secondly, with the contribution of the graphic artist and videomaker Francesco Mancin, the children will learn techniques and methods of promoting culture. In practice, during the workshop days, the promotional materials for the first edition of BONSAI will be thought up, created and published on the web - youtube, instagram, social media, and so on – for distribution of the first adition of BONSAI as well as editions envisaged for Spring 2018.

The workshops will be held in various rendezvous in the month of September, during the weekend of the BONSAI Festival, and during the Marathon h.24 of the Ricrea Festival.

Workshop led by Giulio Costa (Ferrara Off) and Giulia Poltronieri (Píndoles microteatre fora del teatre) with the collaboration of Francesco Mancin (Turkish) under the Ricrea Festival.