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Program underway

Laboratories / Atelier / Marathon
Schools and businesses, creativity and technology

The Workshops

1.What colour do you wear today?

Project: Smart dress, The dress that changes colour.
Templates created from recycled objects and textiles (plates, glasses, curtains, etc.) with the addition of 3D printed elements and a series of LEDs controlled by Arduino cards that change colour according to what is desired.
Tutor: Clara Surro / Matteo Fabbri

2. Illuminate

Project: some raw material, semi-processed and recycled material will be produced by some models of lamps.
The group involved in this workshop will be led by Prof. Giuseppe Mincolelli and by some students of the Ferrara Degree Course in Design at the University of Ferrara.
Tutor: Giuseppe Mincolelli – Students of Fashion and Print Groups 3D.

3. If Beethoven was a millennial

Project: Sound wall (part of Electronics / Arduino)
Playing a Piano on a Wall Through Conductive Inks And Arduino Electronic Cards with additional 3D elements.
Tutor: Miriam Surro / Domenico Lambroglia / Roberto Meschini

4. Couscoussing?

Project: Fruits, vegetables and cous cous (part of Electronic / Arduino)
Create an Orchestra with Fruits and Vegetables that are linked and controlled with Arduino boards, embedded on pedestals that mimic the reference instrument (a banana that engages in a 3D trumpet, apple embedded inside the 3D drum, etc.) (the students of this group will also work with the students of Vergani during the RiCrea Marathon)
Tutor: Miriam Surro / Domenico Lambroglia

5. Reuse

Project: Openness Culture and Crowd Mapping..
What is the culture of openness, how to use licenses, how to create map data in Open Street Map, and how to narrate the territory through digital commons. These are the themes of the lab, whereby the students will learn the basics through which to build and share knowledge and make digital maps of their city, with dismantled buildings, abandoned places, street-playing games, street art and more.
Tutor: Ilaria Vitellio e Marco Montanari

6. . Come to Ferrara

Project: set up an original digital tourist map, mediated through the eyes of young people supported by digital communication tools for tourism.
Tutor: Barbara Lunghi / Licia Vignotto

7. Image recreation

Project: print pictures in a society that devours everything, from objects that are always ready to be improved, in use, disused, upgraded, to the territory increasingly ebbed by new buildings that are sometimes unnecessary or useful only temporarily, which bring abandonment as found in existing buildings of similar fate. In a time that devours communication and images, without leaving a mark in personal or collective memory, the Laboratory proposes a path through which the photograph becomes meditated, reasoned, engaged in a message, for analysis, for a denunciation, but also for a discovery. Think about what you want to see, how to tell it, how to turn it into an image, touch it, halt it instantly, choose it, print it, make it tangible to the photographer and even to the public. A laboratory that also starts from the language of not shooting compulsively, but taking a few clicks, that leave a mark, first in the photographer, then in the viewer, a laboratory that then physically creates the image, compelling it to be printed and made tangible.
Tutor: Giacomo Brini

8. Theater outside theater

Project: Designing a promotional campaign for a performing arts festival (theater, dance, video, site-specific).
The group of students in this lab will work with the artistic directors of the BONSAI Festival and with a professional videomaker: the goal is to convey the value of culture in the regeneration processes of a city.
Tutor: Giulio Costa, Francesco Mancin, Giulia Poltronieri

9. Visual storytelling for RiCrea's youtube channel

Project: the construction of the YouTube Channel of the RiCrea Festival to host videos, interviews and testimonies of the protagonists of the first edition of the festival. The active team in this lab will create the YouTube channel of the festival and then insert the various footage made during the three days of RiCrea events.
Tutor: Francesco Mancini

10. The Fanzine of the Ricrea Festival

Project: The creation of a Fanzine dedicated to the RiCrea Festival to host interviews with the participants, including the students themselves, the views, the events that will take place between October 20th and 22nd. The active team in this lab will create, in real-time, three editions of the RiCrea newsletter, one for each festival day, using writing, photography and graphics for both the paper edition (A3) and the digital edition.
Tutor: Eugenio Ciccone

CCreative Cous Cous

During the Festival, just as the students Maratona24OreNonStop takes place, there is a creative multicultural cooking event. Thanks to the collaboration of BIA Spa as a partner of the RiCrea Festival, a group of 40 students from the Orio Vergani Institute, led by their professor, chef Liborio Trotta, organizes the Festival inauguration dinner, featuring cous cous offered by BIA Spa and Vegetable and Fruit. Students engaged in dinner preparation also interact with the group of students involved in the "Couscoussiamo" Laboratory to make cous cous creations with sounding vegetables and fruit. The Social Dinner has a guest star whose name will only be revealed at the last moment. The RiCrea Festival brings also an opportunity to invite the Grandmothers of the Giardino district to the Garden Grisù Factory, so that they may prepare traditional desserts to be offered to all those present.

The central moment of the RiCrea Festival is, in effect, the one involving about 200 boys and girls of the Ferrara High Schools.
On 18 September, at the Estense Hall of the Municipal Square, the creative gymnasiums of the Festival take over.
Laboratories are therefore the key moment to start the Festival RiCrea, the event taking place on 20, 21 and 22 October at Factory Grisù, via Poledrelli, 21, in Ferrara.
On October 20 afternoon, at 5pm, the students, divided into groups of 10/15 members, together with the teachers of the Laboratories and other guests of the Festival, start a Maratona24OreNonStop.
The goal of the Marathon is to bring every group of girls and boys to the creation of an object, digital or material, tangible or intangible, using the technologies, the social and the platforms that they use daily as consumers.